Fluid Content Management Research

Fluid Content Management Research

Problem: Several different educational software projects such as Sakai, uPortal, Moodle, & Kuali Student had many usability and accessibility issues which needed to be remedied.


Business goals:

The Fluid Project was a Mellon grant-funded project to improve the usability and accessibility of community source educational software through the creation of usable, accessible UI components which could be used by all these projects and user-centered design outreach & education, including the Fluid Design Handbook and the Open Source Design Pattern Library.

This research should:

  • Create a long term vision of the UI architecture/conceptual model in Sakai which in turn can help answer the higher level navigation questions
  • Comprehensive set of Personas defined and refined (some personas exist for both Sakai and uPortal already
  • Identify component candidates for helping users manage their content.

Website: Fluid Content Management Research
Role: Senior UX Designer, co-lead on the activities below

Responsibilities: Develop protocols, lead contextual inquiries, mentor junior staff doing contextual inquiries, analyze results, create user models

Methods used: