UX Leadership


  • Advice for Incorporating UX into campus software projects – 2011
    • Paper authored at the request of UC Berkeley CIO, Shel Waggener
    • Role: Co-authored with Rachel Hollowgrass
  • Fluid Design Handbook - 2006-2008
    • Handbook on user-centered design for higher education
    • Role: Co-authored with Fluid UX team members. I was a primary author of much of the content.
  • Fluid Project U-Camps - 2006-2008
    • Instructional and collaborative talks and workshops led by the Fluid Project’s User Experience practitioners to teach and share knowledge about user-centered design practices at community source software conferences
    • Role: Co-lead and co-planned sessions
  • UC Berkeley User-Centered Design Group - 2005 – June 2014
    • A community of practitioners dedicated to improving the usefulness, usability, and user experience of campus projects by teaching, training and providing consulting on how to do user-centered design
    • Role: Co-Founder & Co-Chair


You may also view my presentations on slideshare.